West Java Provincial CSR Awarding

PT PJB Muara Tawar Generation Unit (UP) received appreciation from the West Java Provincial Government. The award was submitted by the West Java Regional Secretary, Iwa Karniwa to the Board of Commissioners of PT PJB, Defi Indiyanto Budiarto. This appreciation is given to several companies for their contributions in implementing CSR programs that are in line with government programs.

Indonesia most admired company 2018:
Innovative company in utility sector

PT PJB gets appreciation in the 2018 Indonesia Most Admired Companies Award event. PT PJB is one of the most admired companies in the category Special Mention: Innovative Company in Utility Sector.

Energy Management Leadership Award 2018

(UP Gresik) won the Award in Excellence in Energy Management and PT PJB (UP Paiton) won the Energy Management Insight Award. This award is the highest award in the 2018 Energy Management Leadership Award given by the Clean Energy Ministerial (CEM).

AREA 2018

PT PJB (UP Muara Tawar) won the Asia Responsible Enterprise Award 2018 (AREA 2018) through the Paljaya Ecotourisme Program for the Social Empowerment category. AREA is a sub-program of Enterprise Asia that is built on four main pillars, namely Environment, Fair Practice, Community and Society. AREA is also a place for companies in Asia to find out about global issues and the development of SDG’s in the world.


PT PJB won the Bronze Award at the 2018 Asia Pacific Stevie Awards through the PJB Class for Aligning Vocational High School Learning and Power Acceleration of Paiton Generation Operator Unit (OPEXC) Program. The Asia Pacific Stevie Awards 2018 is an annual international business award competition which is opened for 22 countries in the Asia-Pacific region.

Indonesia Leadership & Profesional Award 2018

The head of the Cirata Reservoir Management Agency (BPWC), Wawan Darmawan, received appreciation in the 2018 Indonesia Leadership & Professional Award as Best Leader. This award is given to the leader of a company or business actor who is able to inspire, be creative and innovative so that they can support government development programs in accordance with their business scope.

INDRAMAYU environmental award

PT PJB (UBJOM Indramayu) received an award from the Regent of Indramayu for its commitment to fulfill its obligations as a company operating in the region through Submission of Implementation Reports and Utilization of Environmental Quality.

PLN Environment DAy Competition 2018

PT PJB won the award in the 2018 PLN Environment Day Competition as follows:
1. Environment Activist Competition Champion 1 Category “Environment Rescuer” (Coral Bank – PT PJB UP Paiton)
2. Environment Activist Competition Favorite Champion 1 Category “Environmental Survivor” (PERMATA Program “Protection of Springs Ecosystem” – PT PJB UP Paiton)
3. Campaign Competition Wins 2nd Place “Poster” Category (Suari Dwi Pangudi – PT PJB UBJOM Pacitan)
4. Photo Competition 1st Place in the “Internal Photos” Category (Abdul Aziz – PT PJB UP Paiton)
5. The Best Environmental Development Company at PLN

ISDA 2018

PT PJB won the Grand Silver title for the overall champion category at the 2018 Indonesian Sustainable Development Goals Award (ISDA). PJB managed to get 13 awards in the CSR program category and 2 individual category awards. ISDA is an award given to the Company for contributing to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) organized by Corporate Forum For Community Development (CFCD).

Asian power Award 2018

PT PJB won the Innovative Power Technology of the Year award at the 2018 Asian Power Awards for innovation work entitled “AVATOR: Integrated and automatic Special Portable Tool for Speeding” and Easing Vibration Calibration Monitor in Gresik Unit “compiled by the Innovation Team from UPHT (Alfian Budiarmoko, Robbi Auzikni Anaskur, Apolonius Adhi Hariyatma). In addition, PT PJB also won the Bronze Award for Coal Power Project of the Year for innovation work entitled “Avoiding Increase Maintenance Costs with Reservation Protection Trip in Paiton Unit 1 & 2” initiated by the UP Paiton Innovation Team (Zainal Asikin, Faizal Riza, Bayu Nugroho).


PT PJB employees won the Best Paper award in the Optimizing Plant Operation category at the 2018 Asia Power Gen event. The award was given to Indratno Pardiansyah, Amir Wahyu Alkarim and Evan for the paper on the idea of existing unit development strategies with reference to the case study of the existing Muara Karang PLTU development unit.

The Best Social Business Innovation Company 2018

PT PJB won the Best Social Business Innovation Company 2018 award in the energy company category. In addition, the President Director of PT PJB Iwan Agung Firstantara was also named the Best Green CEO in 2018. This award is given to companies that have commitment and implement social innovations as an effort to deal with corporate social and environmental issues to realize sustainable business activities.


PT PJB won 4 (four) awards in the Subroto 2018 Award Award. Three awards were won in the Electricity Safety (K2) and the other in the field of Energy Efficiency. In the K2 Field, Paiton 1 & 2 PLTU became the best unit in the category of Large Qualification Power Plant for the Jamali Grid Code System; Muara Karang Power Plant is the best unit in the PLTG / GU category Great Qualifications for the Jamali Grid Code System; and the Indramayu PLTU has been named The Most Improve Effort of Electricity Safety Power Plant. In the Field of Energy Efficiency, UP Gresik won 2nd place in the category of Energy Management in Large Industries.

Top csr 2018

PT PJB (UBJOM Rembang) won the 2018 TOP CSR award in the Power Generation category. TOP CSR is an award for companies in Indonesia that are considered the best in carrying out CSR / Community Development programs.


PT PJB employees won the title of Runner Up in PLN English Olympiad (PEO). Hanifa Ayu Nandasari, Deni Rahmat, and Muhammad Khoiri Albana represented PJB at the Debate Competition. The PEO is organized by PT PLN Education and Training Center (PLN Pusdiklat) to hone English language skills of all PLN Group personnel.

museum rekor kinerja pembangkit 2018

PT PJB (UP Cirata) received appreciation from the 2018 Generator Performance Record Museum for the performance of the Cirata Hydroelectric Power Plant for the 2014-2018 period. EAF Cirata Unit 8 PLTA is the best among PLTA and PLTP in the Java – Bali region with a value of 99.05%. While EFOR unit 7 is also the best with a value of 0.02%.


PT PJB successfully defended the overall title of National Innovation PLN Award in 2018 for two consecutive years. LIKE (Learning Innovation Knowledge Exhibition) is a competition for innovative works from PLN units and subsidiaries throughout Indonesia.

BUMN Branding & Marketing Award 2018

PT PJB won the ‘Best Product Development’ award at the 2018 BUMN Branding & Marketing Award in the ‘Service, Transportation, Logistics & Energy’ sector. This award is proof of the efforts of PT PJB in building corporate identity and placing PT PJB on par with other state-owned companies such as PT Bank Negara Indonesia, PT Garuda Indonesia, and also PT Pelindo who also received awards at this event.

TOP IT & TELCO Award 2018

PT PJB won 1st place in the category of Top IT Implementation on Power Plant Sector 2018 at the TOP IT & TELCO Award 2018. In addition, the Managing Director of PJB Iwan Agung Firstantara also won the Top Leader award on IT Leadership in 2018. Top IT & TELCO Award 2018 was held by It Works magazine to appreciate the success of the company and top management in implementing Information and Communication Technology (ICT) to improve service performance and competitiveness.


PT PJB managed to become the first company to win the Band Industry Leader Baldrige Excellence Framework in Indonesia. PT PJB received a score of 679 for the Malcolm Baldrige assessment conducted by IQAF (Indonesian Quality Award Foundation) for effective process management that encourages improvement of work processes and products and performance improvement through monitoring and evaluation procedures all of which are monitored through the Information Technology System.