Iwan Agung Firstantara

Born on October 4th 1969 in Yogyakarta, he graduated from Mechanical Engineering of Universitas Gadjah Mada in 1993 and became Master of Management in 2005. He joined PLN in 1994 and no longer a stranger to power plant world because he has been assigned to PJB since the beginning. He once was a General Manager of PT PLN for Power plant units of Java-Bali and became Head of Operation for Sumatra Region in 2015.

Director of Operation-1


Born in Trenggalek on Januari 9 1968, he earned his bachelor degree for Nuclear Engineering from Universitas Gadjah Mada in 1992 and started his career in PLN since 1993. He spent his first year in PLN head office and he joined PLN powerplant units for eastern java and bali the next year (then became PT PLN PJB II). He also assigned as General Manager for PLN Powerplant Units of Northern Sumatra since March 1 2015 and came back to PJB as Director of Operation-1.

Director of Operation-2

Miftahul Jannah

Born on March 20th 1966 in Trenggalek, he graduated from Physical Engineering of ITS in 1991 and Master of Management from ITB in 2001. Started his career in 1992, he was assigned in Muara Tawar powerplant and has been an expert in powerplant ever since. He worked as General Manager of Muara Karang Powerplant in 2010-2012, and then assigned to PT PLN (persero) until 2016 as General Manager of Certification Service.

Director of Development and Commerce

Henky Heru Basudewo

Born on March 25 1957 in Sidoarjo, he was a bachelor degree of Civil Engineering from Diponegoro University in 1983 and Master of Geo-Technical from ITB in 1997. He joined PLN in 1984. He is an expert in power plant projects as he was assigned as Division Head for Construction and IPP of Java Bali. Furthermore, he was assigned as President Director of PT Rekadaya Elektrika (subsidiary company of PT PJB) in 2013-2016.

Director of Finance

Tjutju Kurnia Sutjiningsih

Born on September 30th September 1959 in Kuningan, she graduated from undergraduate program of Economics in 1983 from Universitas Padjadjaran. She started her career in PLN since April 1984. She has been taking several courses in accounting and finance since 1993 that makes her the perfect person for the job. Her previous position was Head of Treasury Division since 2010.

Director of Human Resource and Administration


He was born in Batang Serangan on July 3rd 1961. He graduated from Electrical Engineering of Universitas Sumatera Utara in 1986 before joining PLN in 1987 and continued his study as Master of Electricity from ITS Surabaya in 2001. He was the Branch Office Head of PLN Corporate University in 2011-2014 and then became Division Head of Human Resource and Talent Development.