Board of Commissioners

Chief Commissioner


Chief Commissioner
Sriyono D. Siswoyo
Born in Jakarta, November 1st 1959, he earned civil engineering undergraduate degree from ITB Bandung and Project Management Postgraduate degree from Melbourne University. He joined PLN in 1984. During his first 15 years in PLN, he was involved in building Steam Power Plant of Suralaya 3 and 4, Geothermal power plant of Kamojang, and Combine Cycle Powerplant of Gresik. And then, he consecutively held the position of Senior Manager of Unit Development in PLN Head Office, Director of Human Capital in PT PLN Batam, and Head of Division for Organization Development in PT PLN Head Office.
Pak Sriono


Defy Indiyanto Budiarto

Born in Jakarta, October 14th 1981, he finished his undergraduate study of International Relations at UNAS Jakarta. By the age of 23, he finished his Political Science postgraduate program in National University Malaysia. Experienced at PT Rediss Papua for 8 years (2006 – 2014), he worked as commissioner for PT Wirelles One Nusantara in 2010-2013, chief commissioner of PT Bara Inti Surya in 2007-2012, and became President Director of PT Bara Inti Surya in 2012-2014. He also worked in PT Definisi Bumi Resource as president director in 2011-2014, and then acted as commissioner in 2014-2015. His organization experience includes his position as secretary of Isbo PP Muhammadiyah in 2015-2020, LHKP PP Muhammadiyah 2015-2020, and Chief of Wiramuda Indonesia (Indonesia Young Entrepreneur).
Pak Defy



Born on May 25 1973 in Tuban, he is an experienced professional that worked as Monitoring Committee for Risk Management of PT Bank BNI Tbk, commissioner for PT Bank BRI Indonesia, Expert for Board of Commissioner of PT Pertamina, Independent Commissioner for PT Bank Syariah BRI, Chief Economist of PT Bank BNI and PT Bank Bukopin. He also teach in Magister of Economics program of Universitas Trisakti & STAN, expert staff for House of Representative (DPR RI), consultant for district government and World Bank.
Pak Sunarsip



Born in Tanjung Balai, June 27 1960, He graduated from Electrical Engineering Bachelor Degree from Universitas Gadjah Mada in 1985. He then continued to study in postgraduate study of electrical engineering at Universitas Indonesia in 1994. His career journey was filled with various experiences in several offices of PLN, including branch manager of Kebayoran in 1995-1997, branch manager of Fak-Fak in 1997-1999, branch manager of Jayapura 1999-2000, branch manager of South Surabaya in 2000-2002. He then worked as specialist for customer services at Head Office in 2002-2003, and then became expert of customer services in 2003-2008. He was then assigned as General Manager of PLN Papua Area in 2008-2010. He also worked as Head of Commercial Division for PT PLN since February 2010 and then became Head of Business Division since March 2010.
Pak Benny Marbun



Born on November 30 1968 in Banyuwangi, he got his bachelor degree in Physics Engineering from ITS, and master degree in Master of Planning and Public Policy from Universitas Indonesia in 2003, and also doctoral degree in Economics in 2013. He had a long career journey for the ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources, as Section Head of Energy Usage Evaluation in 2001-2003, Section Head for Business Preparation in 2003-2006, Section Head for Electricity Pricing Calculation in 2006-2008, Staff of Electricity Company Development in 2008-2011, Head of Planning and Reporting Division in 2011-2016, Director of Planning and Infrastructure Development for Renewable Energy and Energy Conservation in 2016-2017, and became Director of Development of Electricity Company until now.
Pak Hendra



Born on January 18 1967 in Tapanuli, Lahir 18 Januari 1967 di Tapanuli, He served as Head of Sub-Directorate of Electricity Standardization at the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources in 2011-2015, Head of Sub-Directorate of Electricity Prices and Subsidies of the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources in 2016, Head of Energy and Mineral Resources Ministry’s 2016 Sub-Directorate. Acting commissioning officer of PT PJB, also served as Head of Electricity Civil Servant Investigator (PPNS) since 2014, Director of ESDM Ministry of Electricity Program Development since 2018.
Pak Djisman