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During normal operation activity, PJB always look up and obey to every policies, including Law of Republic of Indonesia No.13 2013 about Manpower article 86 (2). The law stated that company is obligated to conduct employee’s health and safety effort to protect the workers and optimalized productivity.

Health and safety management in PJB also guided by OHSAS 18001. System Management of Health and Safety (SMK3) in PJB is conducted based on Government Regulation No. 50 2012 about SMK3 implementation. To support the implementation, PJB created internal regulation on Health and Safety Management stated in BOD Decree No.084,K/020/DIR/2014 about Regulation of Managemen System in PT PJB. The regulation is a guide for all element of the company, especially divisions that manage employee’s healt and safety. The implementation process of health and safety management in PJB units began by forming an organization called Supervising Committee of Work Health and Safety, in accordance with Regulation from Ministry of Manpower No.PER.04/MEN/1987. The committee is expected to keep the implementation and develop partnership and active participations of all element of the company in terms of Health and Safety Implementation. PJB has now develop goals for Health and Safety management since 2016, and was arranged in accordance to regulations regarding environment. The goals are as followed:
1. To ensure all parameters of Health and Safety implementation fulfill government regulations regarding health and Safety
3. To achieve zero accident in every powerplant unit
3. To keep the certificate of OHSAS 18001 and certificate of Health and Safety in all units maintained.