Operation & Maintenance

Operation and Maintenance Service (O&M Service) for powerplant is conducted with direct delivery mechanism through O&M service based on O&M contract.
O&M service business is handled by PJB and its’ subsidiary company(PT PJB Services) and also by establishing joint venture company. Under O&M contract, PJB currently manage 6015.6 MW capacity of powerplant in 27 different locations all over Indonesia.
PJB is managing 7 (seven) O&M Service in Java area, while PJBS is serving 18 (eighteen) O&M contract outside of Java area. Meanwhile, PJB’s joint venture company hold 1 (one) powerplant unit outside Java area. O&M Service managed by PJB in Java area operate a total capacity of 4.578.3 MW in 9 (nine) locations as followed:
O&M Service managed by PJB Services outside Java area operates total capacity of 1.473,3 MW in 18 (eighteen) locations, including:
PJB’s Joint Venture company operates O&M service for PLTU Tanjung Jati B Unit #3 and #4 with total capacity of 2 x 660 MW located in Jepara, Central Java. The service is conducted by partnering with a South Korean company, Korea Midland Power, to form a joint venture company named PT Komipo Pembangkitan Jawa Bali (KPJB).