Asia Responsible Enterprise Award 2019 (AREA 2019)

UP Gresik Brings Bawean Island to the Asian Scene

(Friday, 5/24) TAIPEI – PT PJB UP Gresik managed to win another international award after CEM 9 was handed over in Copenhagen, Denmark in 2018. This time PT PJB UP Gresik managed to make a new history in the field of CSR by winning the 2019 Asia Responsible Enterprise Awards (AREA), while extending PTPJB’s record as a defending champion in the Social Empowerment category for 3 years in a row.

The community empowerment program, Bawean Eco-Edu Tourism, is what brought PT PJB UP Gresik’s CSR to the 2019 AREA arena. The program, which is managed by the Green Leaf Supervisory Community Group (Pokmaswas) in Daun Village, Bawean Island, was chosen because it was able to demonstrate integration and synergy between the roles of the community, government and companies that have cooperatively cooperated in coastal conservation, educating communities to preserve nature , also opens opportunities to improve welfare through empowerment programs in the field of environment-based and community tourism.

The award of AREA 2019 was received by the Manager of Secretariat and Facilities at the Hilton Taipei Sinban ballroom, Taiwan. This annual event is organized by Asia Enterprise which is a leading non-governmental organization that focuses on achieving sustainable and responsible entrepreneurship in Asia. This award is a proof that PT PJB has been internationally recognized and appreciated for the management’s commitment in carrying out sustainable and socially responsible business practices. (DL)