Asian Power Awards (APA) 2018

Innovative Power Technology of the Year

The 2018 Asian Power Awards (APA) event held in Jakarta on Wednesday (9/19) gave two awards to PT PJB. In this event PJB became the only representative from Indonesia who received the Innovative Power Technology of the Year award.

This appreciation was given for an innovative work entitled “AVATOR: Integrated and automatic Special Portable Tool for Speeding” and Easing Vibration Calibration n Monitor in Gresik Unit “compiled by the Innovation Team from UPHT (Alfian Budiarmoko, Robbi Auzikni Anaskur, Apolonius Adhi Hariyatma)

Other awards, in the form of Bronze Award for Coal Power Project of the Year awarded for innovation entitled “Avoiding Increase Maintenance Costs with Reservation Protection in Paiton Unit 1 & amp; 2” initiated by UP Paiton’s Innovation Team (Zainal Asikin, Faizal Riza, Bayu Nugroho )

The success of the Asian Power Awards is a reflection of the sincerity of PT PJB in managing innovation and making it a culture in the organization. Operational Director-1 of PT PJB, Sugiyanto in his speech explained the efforts of PJB in innovations. “PJB continues to make improvements and innovations towards best practice maintenance and operation of the plant. In Paiton we made efforts to increase generator availability. ”

The Asian Power Awards are dubbed “oscar” for the energy industry in Asia. This event has been held for 14 consecutive years, and was held in various countries in Asia. APA 2017 was held in Bangkok and is the first-time PJB participated on such event. On this occasion PJB successfully brought three awards in the form of Power Utility of the Year, ‘Environmental Upgrade of the Year’, and ‘Fast Track Power Plant of the Year’.

APA 2018 was held in Jakarta and was attended by 29 major companies in Asia. 121 titles of innovations participated in this event. PT PJBS, a subsidiary of PT PJB, also made achievements in this event. PJBS received the Gold award for the Hydro Power Project of the Year category for Asahan I hydroelectric power plant. (Onk)