BUMN Branding & Marketing Award 2018

PJB Achieved Best Product Development 2018

BUMN Branding & Marketing Award 2018 Event, Wednesday, 21/11/18 in Jakarta, Give PJB highest award of “The Best Product Development”. This Award from ‘Service, Transportation, Logistics & Energy’ Sector Category could be achieved thanks to PJB Effort on bulding Corporate Identity. This Appreciation put PJB level on par to the other BUMN, such as seperti PT Bank Negara Indonesia, PT Garuda Indonesia, dan PT Pelindo which got the same award on this event.

The Award ceremony was opened by Farida Dwicahyani as Secretary General of the Ministry of Communication and Information. This event is expected to provide enthusiasm for SOEs related to their subsidiaries in welcoming the Industrial Era 4.0. Besides that, it can also be made as a means to measure the competitiveness of SOEs and become a place to exchange ideas.

BUMN Branding & amp; 2018 Marketing Award was held by BUMN Track Magazine. This Event gives appreciation to SOEs employees and SOEs Subsidiaries who’ve built the Corporate Branding Identity and Branding Strategy in order to welcome the industrial era 4.0. Judging is carried out by observers and business and economic practitioners led by Rhenald Kasali.