Malcolm Baldridge : Industry Leader

PJB’s hard work over the past ten years to improve process performance and results through the assessment Baldrige Excellence Criteria slowly but surely yielded sweet results. Since the first participation in 2008, many improvements have been made by PJB based on feedback assessment. A number of awards from inside and outside the country have also been achieved as the impact of continuous improvement carried out by PJB. The current journey of PJB in the Criteria Assessment Baldrige Excellence has placed PJB in the Industry Leader Band. This band was achieved by PJB from the results of the 2018 assessment released last December. This achievement also confirmed PJB as the first and only company in Indonesia to reach the Criteria Industry Leader Baldrige Excellence Band. Executive Director of the Indonesia Quality Award Foundation, Tumpal Siregar, MBA stated that his pride could contribute to the progress of PJB. This statement was conveyed during the submission of the charter of the assessment results at the Surabaya PJB Headquarters on Tuesday (1/15). He has been directly involved in conducting assessments in PJB, including assessments in 2018 conducted on December 3-7, 2018. “All of this is inseparable from the seriousness of all mothers, directors’ commitment, and commitment from senior leaders. I feel that I work with a champion team, “he said. Furthermore it was said that to be able to enter the Industry Leader band the requirements were strict and not just a score. The company has something different from the company generally and the difference can be felt by people who visit. Tumpal and the Examiner Team felt the difference in the last visit to PJB compared to previous visits. He saw that there was something special about PJB in responding to the assessment results. Feedback given by the Examiner Team is distributed to the person in charge and the perpetrator. Then they make a joint plan so that there is a sense of ownership. Companies in the industry leader band must reflect the leader’s words both at the head office and the unit. PJB must maintain what has been achieved and try to improve it. With this position, many companies will come to do bench mark. Tumpal reminded that PJB should not be complacent. “Keep the current conditions, at least not down. It must be maintained so that people can continue to see the reality of PJB. We congratulate, maintain and improve in the coming days, “concluded Tumpal. Baldrige Excellence Criteria (BEC) is known as a measure of organizational performance in profit and non-profit organizations by American standards. Until now the BEC has been implemented in more than 80 countries. The Indonesian Quality Award Foundation (IQAF) is a licensee institution of the Baldrige Performance Excel Program, the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), the US Department of Commerce to use BEC and rank companies and non-profit institutions in Indonesia. Travel to PJB in the assessment BEC began in 2008 with a score of 396 or an Early Improvement band. In 2009 the score rose to 437 and still remained in the same band. In 2010 the score of 497 was won and placed PJB in the band Good Performance. The band lasted for two years with a score of 565 in 2011. Furthermore in 2012 PJB moved the band at the level of Emerging Industry Leader with a score of 586. Six years PJB survived in this band with a score of 600 in 2013, a score of 617 in 2014, a score of 644 in 2015, and a score of 651 in 2017. In 2016 PJB was absent from assessment because it concentrated on the company’s transformation process. The results of the 2018 assessment with a score of 679 placed PJB in the Industry Leader band.