PROPER EMAS 2017 & 2018


The highest award from the Ministry of Environment and Forestry (KLHK) in the form of Gold PROPER was again achieved by PJB through the Paiton (UP) Generation Unit. This award is the second time for UP Paiton. In 2017 the PJB unit that manages the Paiton 1 and 2 PLTU is the only generation unit within the PLN Group which has succeeded in reaching the Gold PROPER. The Cup was handed over by the Minister of Environment and Forestry, Siti Nurbaya to Operations Director 2 of PT PJB, Sugiyanto on Thursday (27/12) night in Jakarta. Besides gold, in PROPER 2018, PJB also received four green PROPER for UP Gresik, UP Muara Karang, UBJOM Rembang and UBJOM Paiton. The trophy is received by each General Manager of the Ministry of Environment and Forestry Minister before the submission of the gold PROPER trophy. The Gold PROPER Cup is the highest form of appreciation for companies that are considered to have achieved the highest performance in environmental management, in accordance with regulations and rules set by the government. The company is recognized as having implemented a comprehensive and continuous environmental management, as well as managing Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR) very well. There are five criteria in evaluating Company Performance Rating (PROPER), namely Black, Red, Blue, Green and Gold. This program was developed and implemented by KLHK since 1995 to measure company performance in environmental management. UP Paiton has successfully implemented overall environmental management and also managed CSR through reliable measurable programs. Organic Integrated System (OIS +) and Harmonious Binor Tourism Village (Dewi Harmony) are two mainstay CSR programs lined up as the spearhead in empowering the surrounding community to add value to the benefits of the UP Paiton executive. Through OIS + PJB it seeks to create intellectual, managerial, independent independence. and material with natural harmony agriculture programs. This program supports the use of organic fertilizers and vegetable pesticides. PJB together with the community and farmer groups have implemented OIS + on 40 hectares of land in 2018. In addition, 10 farmers have been certified as organic farming facilitators from the Seloliman Agriculture Professional Certification Institute (LSP), Mojokerto. This certification is important for the development of OIS + in the future. While Dewi Harmony is a CSR program that focuses on empowering fishermen, fishermen’s wives, and mothers who are members of Posyandu and PKK 3 POKJA. Through this program, the company, the village government, and various community groups collaborate to protect the sea and provide added value to the potential that exists in Binor Village. PT PJB has provided 28 fiber boats and 200 fish houses (FADs). In addition, 16,300 mangrove seedlings have been planted on the coast developed as tourist areas. Making tourist information centers, tour guide training, and A-1 diving certification are also integrated with the development of these tourist areas.