Power Generation Business

PJB’s core business is to provide electricity power through 9 (nine) powerplant units with a total capacity of 7,055 MW in various locations all throughout Indonesia. Below is the list of powerplants that is owned and operated independently by PJB:

Gresik Combined-Cycle Powerplant
Installed Capacity : 2219 MW
Energy Source : Gas
Location : Gresik, East Java, Indonesia

Muara Tawar Combined-Cycle Powerplant
Installed Capacity : 1778MW
Energy Source : Gas
Location : Bekasi, West Java, Indonesia

Cirata Hydro Powerplant
Installed Capacity : 1008 MW
Energy Source : Water flow
Location : Purwakarta, West Java, Indonesia

Muara Karang Combined-Cycle Powerplant
Installed Capacity : 909 MW
Energy Source : Gas
Location : Pluit, Jakarta, Indonesia

Paiton Steam Powerplant
Installed Capacity : 800 MW
Energy Source : Coal
Location : Paiton, East Java, Indonesia

Brantas Hydro Powerplant
Installed Capacity : 275 MW
Energy Source : Water flow
Location : Brantas, East Java, Indonesia

Bawean Gas-fueled Power Plant
Installed Capacity : 3 MW
Energy Source : Gas and Oil
Location : Bawean, East Java, Indonesia

Cirata Solar PV Powerplant
Installed Capacity : 1 MW
Energy Source : Solar
Location : Purwakarta, West Java, Indonesia

Suppa Diesel Powerplant
Installed Capacity : 63 MW
Energy Source : Diesel
Location : Suppa, South Celebes, Indonesia

There are power plants besides existing units that were developed by PJB as IPPs through joint ventures, and have a total capacity of 5.170 MW as seen as below: